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Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520




So you have bought a brand new Nokia Lumia 520 Phone and you need to do the initial setup, let me help you with the initial setup step by step.

First, Remove the back cover of your Brand new Lumia 520 Phone. There you will see that there are 2 Slots.

Slot 1 – is where your SIM card will go. So insert your SIM card in there gently. Be sure your


SIM is micro SIM not the standard SIM if you don’t know what micro SIM is Click here.


Slot 2 – is your Micro SD card. So carefully insert your Micro SD card if you don’t have it right now leave it for some other time.

Now insert the battery and close the back cover.

Now, press the start power button. Now Nokia will take some time don’t worry and windows phone do take some time during initial loading.

Now swipe the welcome screen and you will have “Welcome to your Windows Phone” screen with two options.

Click > get started button

Select > your language

Agree to terms of service


Now under “ How would you like windows phone to be configured” select “ Recommended”  and choose your location, time and other things and click next.

Now Lumia will ask for your Microsoft account, if you already have one then “sign-in” else you can create a New account.


After you sign in, you can either restore your setting from already used Lumia phone or you can skip that option. Now pass on all the Lumia welcome messages screen. And you will now be greeted with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 520 Home screen which has all the Live Tiles. And this sums up your Setup of Lumia 520.Be sure to check up or other articles where we explain setting up Wi-Fi and other features.

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